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Students are hereby informed that the Library resources can be borrowed in your account only on producing the new ID card. The old ID cards will be not be accepted.



New Procedure for Photocopy, Printout and Binding Payment:

Students are informed that the following new procedure is initiated in making the payment towards the Photocopy, Printout and Binding facilities provided in the Library.

  • No need to pay the amount in advance at Accounts department.
  •  No need to charge/recharge in your ID card at Library.
  • Photocopy/Printout/Binding service will be done only upon producing their ID Card.
  • ID Cards are not transferable. Library Staff may refuse to provide the Photocopy/Printout/Binding service to anyone who uses ID cards of others.
  • Students must make an entry in the register kept in the Reprographic Section.
  • End of every month, the consolidated charges of Photocopy/Printout/Binding utilized by each student will be communicated to Accounts/Finance department so that the same amount will be added to your account.   


  • Photocopy/ Printout - AED 0.12 (12 fils) for every 1 page in A4 size (Black & White)
  • Colour Printout         - AED 2 for every 1 page in A4 size
  • Binding                      - AED 10 for every Strip Binding

                                  - AED 5 for every Spiral Binding

                                  - AED 5 for every Stick Binding


Contact the Library Staff for any assistance
sivakumar@dubai.bits-pilani.ac.in, jayadev@dubai.bits-pilani.ac.in